Expat Social Fallacies, Part 2

Expat Social Fallacies, Part 2

Today, for our final entry in the series, we will be discussing logical fallacies. This is a pretty important topic. Much of our debating has moved out of the public square and onto the internet. Commenter X sets forth a fiery opinion on an article. And Commenter Z joins in with a tirade on a point that is not even argued in the piece. For true civil and effective debate to take place, citizens must understand not only how to argue, but how not to argue as well. Aristotle believed that out of the three means of persuasion, logos was superior and that ideally all arguments should be won or lost on reason alone. These errors are called logical fallacies. Just as there is formal and informal logic, there are formal and informal fallacies.

Myths vs. Facts

Read More Primary Legal Issues Databases and registries include identifiable information about individuals with specific diseases, illnesses and injuries. Historically, public health data has been stored separately depending on where it came from or what it was used for. However, technological advances have increased linkages between data repositories and therefore expanded the potential uses and value of data for public health practice and research.

Logical Fallacies and How to Spot Them. In the Evolution vs. Creationism debate, it is important to be able to spot all the logical fallacies that Creationists tend to throw around. They also like to use it to invalidate carbon dating by citing isolated incidents in which carbon dating has been shown to be wrong (without pointing out the.

Therefore, if you want to get rid of your arthritis, eat chicken soup. This fallacy is often used as a tool in advertisement. Ad Hominem abuse Counteracting the person instead of the argument is a logical fallacy that, unfortunately, arises quite often. It usually manifests as a dismissal of an argument based on personal shortcomings of the one issuing it.

For example, A says he thinks stray dogs are a problem that needs to be dealt with. Instead of presenting counter-arguments as to why stray dogs are not, in fact, a problem, B replies by accusing A of animal cruelty and wanting to put down all stray dogs. This, like other fallacies, is a very useful marketing and advertising tool.

Texas sharpshooter fallacy

This is central to the human experience. The dark triad man is remarkably adept at aspirational lying. That man will say almost anything to achieve his goal, especially in the social context of seduction.

Sex, dating, birth control life in general. This is complicated stuff and sometimes—to make things easier (or maybe because they’re jerks?)—people just make stuff up.

Anyway, if I see coworkers on dating sites, I think the polite thing to do is just ignore it and move along, so I was not super into the fact that this guy messaged me but I figured he was just being kind of socially obtuse. Dude, if you realized that, why did you message me anyway and tell me that? Anyway, see you Monday! I read and did not respond to the last message. Or would it be better to just block him and pretend it never happened?

It might be useful in general to know how to stop an inappropriate interaction like this in the future, so what would you have done? The awkwardness is in what people do about it.

The fallacies of the radio dating methods!

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Radiometric Dating; Star Distances; Common Fallacies. Before I begin addressing one-by-one the arguments for a young Earth, I think it is important to explain some errors that are repeatedly committed in these arguments. The first fallacy is claiming that an unexplained mystery supports the creationist view simply because science is not.

Humphreys More Bad Science: Will History Repeat Itself with Helium? Humphreys Misunderstands and Misuses Science Dr. Humphreys’ Actions are Religious and not Scientific Dr. Humphreys’ Peer-review Ploy and his Inappropriate Challenge: It’s not my Responsibility to do Dr.

What is Carbon Dating?

Galileo case grossly immoral lives of certain Popes The accuracy of claims about these topics varies, but often older events tend to be more exaggerated or even flat-out wrong KEY point: Even if typical claims about the involvement of the Church in all of these and other scandals were completely true, they would only show that the Church is composed of sinners which we should all know!

They often show up in fallacious arguments or responses.

Nevertheless, understanding logical fallacies may help to fine-tune one’s critical thinking, intuition, and decision-making processes, and help to filter out unhelpful, incorrect, or even dangerous information that one is sure to come across if active in online patient communities.

Chemistry yrs Interactive, Learning Pod 3 How do we know how old a fossil is? We use carbon, as every living being has carbon. Carbon dating, also known as radiocarbon dating, is a method of estimating the age of carbon-bearing materials up to 60, years old. One of the most frequent uses of radiocarbon dating is to estimate the age of organic remains from archaeological sites. However, it is also used to determine ages of rocks, plants, trees, etc.

How carbon dating works?

6 Logical Fallacies You Can Expect From Feminists And SJWs

Cancel 0 I rarely trust artists talking about their own work. But that is not their primary duty. A painter paints, a sculptor sculpts, a printmaker prints: Critique is its own art — the art of reading. Art and criticism are two different skill sets.

The Texas sharpshooter fallacy (or clustering fallacy) occurs when the same data is used both to construct and test a hypothesis.. The fallacy is an imprecision fallacy and an informal fallacy.

Though the shot may have been totally random, he makes it appear as though he has performed a highly non-random act. In normal target practice, the bullseye defines a region of significance, and there’s a low probability of hitting it by firing in a random direction. However, when the region of significance is determined after the event has occurred, any outcome at all can be made to appear spectacularly improbable. The Texas sharpshooter fallacy uses the same data to both construct and test a hypothesis.

A hypothesis must be constructed before data is collected based on that hypothesis. If one data set is used to construct a hypothesis, then a new data set must be generated ideally, in a different way, based on predictions made by the hypothesis to test it. Examples[ edit ] The physicist Richard Feynman once started a lecture on statistical physics by reciting a license plate number he had seen on the way in and asking his students what the probability was that he’d see that particular number.

The probability, of course, was quite low. But this is true no matter what license plate number one sees, and unless it has an independently defined significance, this probability is meaningless. A million participant raffle was drawn, and Joe was found to be the winner. Afterwards, someone points out that the odds of Joe winning are a million to one, and thus, he couldn’t have won randomly and must have cheated. Of course, the chances of anyone else winning was also a million to one, and this person could’ve accused everyone of cheating.

In this case, Joe lucked out. Somebody had to have lucked out.

Widow: What’s in a Name?

Real science gathers and investigates facts, produces hypotheses and theories which it continually tests with falsifiable means. This methodology has led to the theory of evolution, which is universally accepted as a fact in the science community minus a few religious scientists who can easily gain a large following in a nation with a religious majority. Creation science does not follow such an objective methodology. Rather, it collects whatever convenient information it can find in order argue for the belief in creation while using straw man arguments, quote mines, and in some case, outright lies to discredit evolution.

Few creationists understand this because they in fact see it as a debate; one side says this, the other side says that.

Fallacies About Love and Marriage. sheds interesting light on myths and misconceptions underlying problems in dating, mating and separating. Behavioral specialists, and probably family.

Blind Leading the Blind: Because radiometric dating utterly refutes their biblical interpretations, young-Earth creationists YECs are desperate to undermine the reliability of these dating methods. As part of their efforts, YECs clearly believe that they can discredit K-Ar dating if they can show that excess argon routinely enters rocks and minerals as they form.

That is, they believe that excess argon will cause rocks and minerals that are supposedly less than 10, years old to have ‘deceptively’ old K-Ar dates of millions or billions of years. In particular, YECs attempt to demonstrate that excess argon is a ‘problem’ for K-Ar dating by locating examples of historically erupted volcanics, which yield K-Ar dates that are hundreds of thousands or millions of years older than their eruption dates.

The data were miscopied from Dalrymple Brent Dalrymple is a geochronologist with 40 years experience, a pioneer in the identification of excess argon in igneous samples, and an outspoken critic of young-Earth creationism e. As part of his seminal work on excess argon, Dalrymple dated 26 historical lava flows with K-Ar to determine whether excess argon was present.

Of the 26 lava flows that were sampled and analyzed, 18 of them gave expected results. That is, no excess 40Ar or 36Ar were present. Eight rocks yielded unrealistic dates, which were either too old because of the presence of excess 40Ar 5 of them or too young negative ages because of the presence of excess 36Ar 3 of them. The details on the 8 anomalous samples are listed in Table 2 of Dalrymple , p.

Arguments, Fallacies, and Scandals

I can tell you exactly why my first two marriages failed. Aside from that, I was looking for validation. That I could be loved by a man. It ended with me filing for divorce after seven months.

The Fallacies of Bisexuality Category: Bisexual Dating Sites News Tags: bisexuality, bisexuals Bisexuals face a lot of discrimination not only from heterosexuals but also from people of the LGBT community.

The Six Big Fallacies of NT Studies by Yuri Kuchinsky Dear friends, After many years of studying early Christian history, I came to the conclusion that our whole New Testament academic industry, as it exists today, is extremely dishonest, as well as very biased politically. Yes, in my view, we’re now talking about the whole system that is hopelessly corrupt So here’s something that I’ve written on this subject not so long ago.

As to the minor fallacies, they’ll probably be beyond count All constructive comments and criticism are welcome. Let’s just all agree that all 7 are authentic, and nobody asks any questions about it, OK? Let’s just all agree that Mt, Mk, Lk, and Jn are all first century texts. And then, we can find a tiny scrap of papyrus somewhere, and all agree that it dates to “exactly CE” P Then our whole dating scheme can have a nice and very secure anchor.

And nobody asks any questions about it, OK? According to the dominant 2 Source Theory, Mt and Lk were written independent of each other, and they were both based on Mk. Fine, so let’s just all agree that this is so.

Why Dating Methods Can Date Nothing

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