Photos of Sukkur

Photos of Sukkur

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List of World Heritage Sites in Pakistan

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April 23, 6 Comments Tourism , Travel Terra Pakistan is home to many significant historical sites that reflect the traditions and customs of times past. Although historical sites are of special interest to archaeologists and history students, tourists enjoy visiting these interesting places as well. The fascinating cultures and beautiful scenery lure countless visitors each year. Harappa Located about km from Lahore in the Montgomery District of Punjab, Harappa is the site of an important ancient settlement of the prehistoric Indus Valley civilization, dating back 5, years.

Excavations, which began around , revealed a civilization which was excellent in town planning and other aspects of everyday life. The city had drinking water wells, and a highly sophisticated system of waste removal. All houses were equipped with latrines, bathing houses, and sewage drains which emptied into larger mains and eventually deposited the fertile mix onto surrounding fields.

The Harappans were an agricultural people whose economy was predominantly dominated by horticulture. Massive granaries were built at each city, and experts agree there was most likely an elaborate bureaucracy to distribute the wealth of food. The Indus River valley is relatively dry now, but apparently it was quite wet when the Harappans thrived there.

Historians and archeologists flock to the museum to see rare artifacts from the Indus Valley civilization, including terracotta toys, animal figurines, and bronze utensils. Located in the Larkana District of Sindh, the site of Mohenjo-Daro is the largest and most extensively excavated Indus city in Pakistan. Indus expert Gregory Possehl of the University of Pennsylvania says the city was among the most important to the Indus civilization.

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The site is one of the many sites seen along the channels of the ancient Saraswati riverine systems, now represented by the seasonal Ghaggar River which flows in modern Haryana from Nahan to Sirsa. Excavations[ edit ] The Excavation Branch-I, Nagpur of the Archaeological Survey of India excavated this site for three field seasons during , —05 and Several publications have been written on it by Rao et al.

The excavation has revealed the remains of the Harappan culture right from its nascent stage, i. Prior to the excavation of Bhirrana, no Hakra Wares culture, predating the Early Harappan had been exposed in any Indian site.

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The Indus civilization’s unicorn seal. The Indus River Valley civilization site is as important to archaeologists as ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. Covering an , square mile region along the Indus River and its tributaries in Pakistan and northwestern India, the Indus civilization included more than 1, settlements. Most of these settlements were villages, some were towns, and at least five could be considered cities during the civilization’s peak from B.

The largest of these cities were Mohenjo-daro and Harappa, which were marvels for their time. While they weren’t warmongering, they weren’t cut off from others either. Evidence of trade with other more warlike civilizations like Mesopotamia has been found. These partially pictographic scripts feature humans and animal motifs, but their meanings and organization are still a mystery. Until we crack the script there are still many unanswered questions about this mysterious civiliation.

Photos of Sukkur

It is the third largest city of Sindh province, situated on the west bank of Indus River. The district of Sukkur was constituted in out of part of Shikarpur District. Sukkur has been an important strategic centre and trading route from time immemorial. Alor or Aror, Sukkur held the status of capital under the reign of Musikanos, when Alexander invaded the region in BC.

The ruins of this ancient town still exist, 8 km east of Rohri, in Sukkur district. The Rai Dynasty built a huge temple of Shiva.

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Now there are more important Indus sites as a lot of these have been lost or destroyed by shifting paths of the river. There is a high possibility that some Sites of Harappan Civilization are buried right under the modern cities At this one, one thing that is clear is all important sites that are recognized today used to be ancient commercial centers.

These were mainly on rivers or near a coast. Apart from that, many of these centers had manufacturing facilities which suggest they were involved with trade activities outside of their vicinity. Town Planning of Harappan Civilization The Town planning of Harappan Civilization was city-based which was combined with remarkable sanitation and drainage system. It consisted of the following elements: There is no denying that Harappan Civilization had well-built cities.

The ruins of these cities show their excellence in town planning while keeping up with drainage and sanitation needs.

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Decoding this script could crack the mystery of the Indus valley civilization

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Moenjodaro — A walkthrough of the ancient civilisation Moenjodaro, Pakistan – The walk through Moenjodaro is lonely. Apart from the three accompanying officials, and workers helping with preservation, there are no other people in sight. The wind picks up at intervals, blowing sand around. Stray dogs meander on to the path. It is hot, nearly 51 degrees Celsius on this early summer day.

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The Lost Worlds Hi, Welcome to my blog. This site would explicitly entail the lost archaeological cites locations, mounds, graveyards, temples, lost cities, streets, mosques and tombs in and around Larkana City and in few forgotten cities around the world. All those forgotten places which still shimmer through the history pages but erasing exceedingly. Blending old with new, features and Pictures. Shrines in Lakana, Sindh, Pakistan. After the death of the Islamic Prophet, Muhammad, some Islamic communities have developed a rich tradition of shrine culture.

However, in his lifetime such shrines did not exist. In fact he forbade taking graves as places of worship. Most Islamic shrines are dedicated to various Sufi Saints and are widely scattered throughout the Islamic world. It is a tradition to commemorate the death of the Saint, by holding festivals at his tomb to commemorate his life. In several countries, the local shrine is a focal point of the community, with several localities named specifically for the local saint.

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