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This is a complete and reliable tool to verify whether two horoscopes are astrologically matching. In Indian tradition horoscope compatibility between the bride and groom is essential for marriage. We have used the best available technology to provide a complete match making solution. We combined the knowledge of best vedic astrologers with the best software programmers in the country to program this match making tool. Currently we offer this professional tool free of charge. However we appreciate your generous donations to maintain and improve this website.


This could be a year of extremes for Cancer, and only time will tell what sort of extremes occur. Either massive life transformation will happen smoothly, and it will feel like everything is falling into place just as it is supposed to, or things will feel as though they are falling to pieces with intense confusion. A wise Cancer once told me that the best way to treat emotions is like they’re weather.

Match-Making; Numerology; Career Report; Prateek`s Book; Sunday, September 22, Wealth in horoscope or chart Wealth in horoscope or chart This is biggest and most common question of everyone. So today I will pick this “Wealth in Astrology.”.A lot of of questions in your mind coming like wealth in a horoscope.

Here Sanjog means marriage yoga co-incidence. It is said that God almighty fix the marriages in the heaven. They wants to know when will I get married by horoscope. This curiosity take them to Astrologers. An astrologer with the sound knowledge of astrology can easily give the full details of their future life partner. After analyzing their horoscope birth chart Kundali he will easily tell the direction to which their life partner belongs.

Marriage Yoga as per the Horoscope Kundali Let us see the different type of marriage yog as per the astrological calculations. In this picture, girl has the Scorpio Ascendant in her horoscope birth chart. The number in the chart denotes the number of zodiacs. There are sixteen types of birth chart for different purpose. Navmansh horoscope chart tells about the life partner of jathagam Horoscope.

Suppose one planet placed in the seventh house of horoscope chart of girl then it is quite possible that the same planet will be in the ascendant or in the navmansh ascendant of the horoscope of boy to whom she is going to get married.

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Science versus Astrology debate is eternal; Astrologers maybe wrong but not astrology. Someday, maybe, I will be able to provide scientific backings for my belief! A growing number of social researchers are concluding that getting and most important staying married is a key to economic prosperity and longevity and a bad marriage can be lethal to economic, physical and emotional well-being. A good marriage can bring countless benefits within and beyond the home.

Use our free kundli gun milan astrology software for marriage compatibility reading. Save unlimited horoscopes and generate the indian vedic report now.

Many people do not know the method of wearing a stone so I thought to write this post. I am listing the method in a step wise manner below so that it is easier to understand for the readers. This needs to be done by a competent astrologer. The horoscope needs to be analyzed in detail to suggest a good stone. Please be aware that if incompatible stones or the stones of bad houses are worn, they may give side effects.

It is very very important that the stones of maraka killer houses are not worn as they may prove to be harmful. As far as possible the stones of malefic planets; Sun Stone: Ruby , Rahu Stone: Hessonite , Ketu Stone:

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You’re amazed by how quickly the other delivers a hilarious comeback or a clever opinion, and it turns you on. Banter leads you to the bedroom fast, where the sex is playful and experimental though not heavy on the emotional connection. It’s as though you’ve met your twin; and alas, you may soon feel more like siblings than lovers. After a couple weeks, the Bickersons sideshow routine gets old, especially for Aries, and you run out of things to talk about.

This is an online software to generate birth horosope as per south indian – Tamil and north indian style. Generated horoscope is given in Tamil and English language. Name guide based on the birth horoscope.

Wider context[ edit ] Match cuts form the basis for continuity editing , such as the ubiquitous use of match on action. Continuity editing smooths over the inherent discontinuity of shot changes to establish a logical coherence between shots. Even within continuity editing, though, the match cut is a contrast both with cross-cutting between actions in two different locations that are occurring simultaneously, and with parallel editing, which draws parallels or contrasts between two different time-space locations.

Indeed, rather than the seamless cuts of continuity editing within a scene, the term “graphic match” usually denotes a more conspicuous transition between or comparison of two shots via pictorial elements. Notable examples[ edit ] A bone-club and an orbital platform: Stanley Kubrick ‘s A Space Odyssey contains a famous example of a match cut. As the bone spins in the air, there is a match cut to a much more advanced tool: An early example comes from Orson Welles ‘s Citizen Kane , which opens with a series of match dissolves that keeps the titular character’s lit window in the same part of the frame while the cuts take viewers around his dilapidated Xanadu estate, before a final match dissolve takes viewers from the outside to the inside where Kane is dying.

The edit was later praised by Steven Spielberg as inspiration for his own work. The match cut here skips over the courting, the marriage proposal, and the actual marriage of the two characters who had for much of the film been adversaries.

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You may have experienced either obstacles to growth or some disappointment in the past, professionally. Now, you aggressively move forward to achieve your goals. You have overcome fear and self-doubt in a big way, and are unwilling to let it affect your journey anymore.

Vedic Rishi Astro API – Generate horoscope charts and other details easier and faster with Vedic Rishi Horoscope Web APIs.

Dream Dictionary Bridge When you dream of crossing a bridge, it can easily indicate a number of things are going to change in your life. This may include changing jobs, place of residence, or even romantic partners. In general, if you were able to cross the bridge easily, and it was in good condition, then you can look forward to positive changes in your life You should also make special note of the situation before you got on the bridge, as well as afterward.

Even if some elements appear contradictory, you may be able to sort heir meaning out once you begin to correlate them with different areas of your life. Needless to say, even though some type of change may be good for one aspect of your life, it may still have negative consequences in other areas. Bridge Dream General Meaning Even though a dream of crossing a bridge usually means a transition from one phase to another, it can also indicate you will need to make some important decisions.

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Importance of Horoscope Matching In Marriage. Since horoscope matching is a science that deals with the relative position of stars and planets at the time of your birth it has a significance role in building up a successful life. No matter whether it is your marriage, carrier or even knowing your future, it plays a vital role in making up your decisions.

Horoscope is a science associated within it and not a randomly created probability theory. As we all know online Horoscope is a Platform with lot of possibilities.

PREMIUM NUMEROLOGICAL REPORT» Msn Horoscopes Free Daily Horoscopes, Career Horoscope Cancer Free Love Horoscope Compatibility Report, Comparing The Astrology Birth Charts Of 2 Partners, To See If You Are A Good Match From An Astrology Perspective.

Bejan Daruwalla is India’s most well – known astrologer. In this collection of poetry, Bejan reveals a new facet to his personality: Whether it is an ode to the bliss of life or playful repartee with God, poems in admiration of Narendra Modi, poems addressed to the many people he has known, including his beloved wife, or philosophical meditations on fate and faith, the verses here are bound to move and mermerize you.

The publishers are well known Harper Collins. Some of the Poems: This tarot card no: No 21 XXI means the 21st century. The Eagle, the Queen of birds, is atop her head.

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This was in English intially and now we have brought it in the malayalam language for you. The malayalam jathaka porutham will be available here and the charts and porutham report will be given out in the malayalam script. The jathaka porutham in malayalam is the new addition to the whole list of features offered by ePanchang. We had recently introduced the Malayalam Jathakam.

Get a Horoscope Compatibility report based on Vedic Astrology and check the matching with your partner’s horoscope. You can check manglik/kuja dosha. Get it now.

Divorce is a state in which a husband and wife discover that they do not have compatibility or proper understanding due to non co-operation of the other one. Divorce is the fastest growing problem in our society today. They all face different issues in their marriages and most of them seek advice from their lawyers for Divorce. There is no classical combination in astrology for divorce. But some points need to be noticed while doing match making of horoscopes. At the time of marriage people think only horoscope matching on software or numerology matching or sun sign or moon sign matching is enough for a happy marriage.

But to have a happy married life these things are not enough. Despite the horoscopes being matched and got good points than too divorce takes place. There are various reasons for divorce and there are various yogas in astrology. Compatibility in Marriage Matching of the horoscopes of the boy and girl’s is important for marital bliss. Proper matching should ensure good marital life.

A proper way of match making is to check the position of Moon, Venus and Mars position in the boy and girl’s horoscope as these three planets play an important role making marriage long live. Then check moon signs and ascendant signs.

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So, Here we are writing about Hindu Calendar app which relates to our day-to-day life. We have to follow it for fast, festivals, horoscope and for many things, Whether we ask to Astrologer or Pandits or we our-self go through it. India has been using Hindu Calendar since ancient days. We Indians always follow Hindu Calendar whether it is about festivals or other auspicious occasion. No matter what changes are coming in our society, we will always celebrate our festivals and other traditional or auspicious functions according to Hindu Calendar.

As we know, technology has been expanding in every field.

Sagittarius Horoscope For Career. The Sagittarius career predictions forecast that you are likely to have an easy time at work this year. Your natural talents will help you out a lot in your career. Make sure to use your social skills for your advancement in your profession and business this year.

Those who have believed in astrology do keenly await predictions for their daily horoscope , weekly horoscope, monthly horoscope, wherever they are expected to be available. These astrological predictions count a lot for many of the believers as they plan many things in their life accordingly. Therefore it becomes very important for individuals to access astrological predictions from fully authentic and reliable sources only. A lot many predictions are scattered on several websites online but most of them are without any specified source hence should be avoided.

There are some renowned astrologers who are known for their spiritual accomplishments and do provide predictions with full astrological calculations and provide proper reasoning behind it. One of the famous astrologers in India Pt. Lokesh Jagirdar, who has also been running online avenue for the purpose, has disclosed his predictions for the year now. The trend is very much popular in India and even among Indians all over the world. No matter where they live, most of the Indians give due respect to their spiritual sentiments and perform worships, and other ceremonies as per the occasions to appease respective gods or goddess in their favor.

Astrological predictions are also another form of the similar spiritual activity which makes a considerable positive difference to the emotions of people. If a new project is initiated, a new venture is invested, or a new property is bought in astrologically suitable time, it gives invaluable peace and pleasure to the mind of buyer. The person feels elated and encouraged to do good things.

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